ART OF ACRYL® Topseat’s Latest Additions

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Topseat’s Art of Acryl® designer series features an innovative high gloss surface over a strikingly high definition, vibrantly colored artistic image. This is more than just a toilet seat, it is a work of art and innovation!

Be sure to click on the link to each detail page and check out the zoom feature to see the amazing high definition detail. The realism is unbelievable. The colors and resolution so vibrant they are a true work of art.

Glossy Black with Green Bamboo and Raindrops

Piano Black Rain Drop Fresh Bamboo

“Piano Black Bamboo Spa” – Fresh green bamboo branch atop a glossy Acrylic backdrop, sprinkled with water drops. Who knew it was possible to create a mood with images so real you can almost feel the rain drops and touch the fresh vibrantly alive bamboo.

Artistic Wooden and Acrylic Toilet Seat

Runway Into The Sunset

“Sunset Runway” – The twilight sky casts a mystic blue on a walkway into the vibrantly colorful, serene sunset. The colors in the sky cast a glistening reflection over the water exuding serenity in a way that only nature can create.

Distressed Wood Elongated Toilet Seat with Slow Close Chrome Hinges

Shabby Chic, Vintage Blue Weathered Wood

“Vintage Blue Weathered Wood” – Give your bathroom the new “Shabby Chic” look with the image of “weathered wood”. The image has such high resolution you can see the grain of the wood and the peel of the paint.

What makes these new designs even more amazing is the beautiful glossy coating created using a seamless thin acrylic glass over our meticulously smooth finished, durable wood composition seats. I know it’s hard to believe, but a toilet seat, yes the thing many try to hide, CAN add a touch of beauty and class to your bathroom.


To top it all off, these new designs include the great feature of a quiet slow close using our chromed metal slow close hinges. Made with our comfortable, hand sanded wood composition and superior quality paint finish. We are so confident in our quality we offer an unheard of THREE YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY!

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