Customers’ Topseat Toilet Seats in Their “New Homes” – This Month’s Winner . . .

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We are beginning a new series in which we will be periodically posting our decorative and designer toilet seats as shown in customers’ bathrooms, both to assist you in ideas on how to incorporate your own decorative Topseat toilet seat into your bathroom and just to show how others have given their new decorative toilet seats a home. It’s kind of fun to see the many different ideas people have and just to see how the toilet seats actually look on the toilets and in the bathrooms.  Some will be basic and some will be quite imaginative.  If you have one of our toilet seats, please, feel free to send in your pictures to

Customer Bathroom Art of Acryl Florida Toilet Seat 05 31 16

Customer Bathroom Art of Acryl Florida Toilet Seat 05 31 16

This month’s winner is quite imaginative and features our Art of Acryl® Florida. This submission comes from Christy in New Lisbon, Wisconsin.  She wrote in and said she was looking for “that serene beach feel” and the Art of Acryl® Florida had just what she was looking for with “all its’ gorgeous serene colors created by the sunset reflecting off the water”. She also said, “I live with four males and since purchasing the Art of Acryl, Florida I finally get to see the toilet seat lid put down.” She says, “This designer toilet seat was the final designer touch my bathroom needed to complete it.”  Thank you, Christy for giving our designer toilet seat such a special home and for sharing your beautiful creation with us.

Notice how their bathroom decor incorporates the theme throughout several areas of the bathroom. In particular I was impressed with the sand faux finish used in the paint on the walls. (I spoke to the customer so I know there was a faux sand finish applied to the walls.) The theme is carried thought out the entire bathroom.  So much attention to detail, so much artistic imagination!  Notice how the bright vibrant colors are carried throughout many areas of the bathroom.  We want to hear about and see some of your ideas. Write us and send in your pictures to:

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