Some History About Topseat

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Being behind many of the innovations for your toilet seats for more than one decade, we’d like to introduce ourselves and the innovations we bring to your bathroom.

Did you know:

1. In 2003, Topseat was the first manufacturer to produce bamboo toilet seats in industrialized production. After more than one decade, bamboo toilet seats perfected by Topseat are still very popular and sold worldwide under Topseat brand and other OEM brands.

2. In 2004, Topseat improved multi-layer coating process for wooden core toilet seats, creating a flawless high gloss finish similar to that used on many automobiles, thus providing answers to the specific needs of ceramic manufacturers.

3. In 2007, Topseat devised the TinyHiney Potty toilet seat with magnetic closure feature that secures the baby seat into the lid. With that feature, the TinyHiney Potty seat was a great success. This feature was then adopted by other manufacturers.

4. In 2008, Topseat created 3D toilet seat which became a great success in the international market.

5. In 2011, Topseat invented Art of Acryl toilet seat, wooden toilet seat with high gloss acrylic layer on top and decorative picture under the acrylic layer. With its enhanced visual depth and clarity, the Art of Acryl toilet seat changed everything about toilet seats in the international market, especially in Germany.

6. Also In 2011, Topseat invented Glaxitz, wooden toilet seat with acrylic layer on top in pure white, pure black and other plain colors

7. In 2012, Topseat devised Vario Scenario toilet seats featuring multiple flips of 3D images changing side by side.

8. In 2012, Topseat was the first manufacturer to produce, in industrialized production, a wooden toilet seat with a metal plate on top featuring embossing and relief effect.

9. In 2013, Topseat invented 3D Chrome toilet seat, giving images a metallic background and allowing metallic highlights to be built into the artwork.

Topseat is continuously developing new and innovative designs. Stay tuned for exciting new toilet seat designs to come.

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