We were looking for some “unique” activities to add to our Labor Day goings on.  After all quality uniqueness is what we offer here at Topseat. We didn’t have time to look at all the advertised events across the US, but we came across this posted event in another state. This is for real…Somewhere in the US they are holding what they are calling a “Red Neck ‘Lympics” as part of their Celebration of the Labor Day Holiday.


A little disclaimer here: Let me clarify – We are not poking fun of “red necks”. (Heck we’re in Texas, come on.) It’s all in fun. We are just reporting the facts as they were posted. Let me be perfectly clear – This is a real, publicly advertised event. 

We’re betting once you read more about this event ya’ll will be contacting us for the location (hint: it’s not here in Texas). I was asked not to give away the location, as they are not prepared for “XL” crowds. I don’t think they meant the people can’t be extra-large. Good thing, I would be disqualified!  I think they meant large number of people. No info on the grub situation. It might be a BYOG (bring your own grub) thing.

Just in case you are interested in putting on your own “Red Neck ‘Lympics”, here’s what y’all need to know:

Required attire: You must be dressed in your “red neck best”.  (Sorry no specifics, just use your ‘magination).  Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed red neck.

Billy Bowlin’ and Toilet Seat Horseshoes

No skills are needed (so they say).

SPECIAL equipment is required!

•        toilet seats
•        at least 2 new rolls of toilet paper
•        horse shoe pins (or acceptable substitute, use your ‘magination)
•        duct tape
•        2-liter soda bottles (Mountain Dew preferred)

I like this list. It doesn’t require me to go to the store.  I don’t know ‘bout ya’ll, but I have this stuff just laying ‘round. BTW, if you’re gonna do this, I wouldn’t suggest bringing a Topseat Toilet seat. They’re too heavy and the chromed hinges and shiny finish might cause some gaming issues.

How to play:

Billy Bowlin’: Participants are encouraged to score points by knocking down 2-liter soda bottles with toilet paper rolls wrapped in Duct Tape. Take two throws per partner for a total of three frames. Points awarded based on total pins knocked down.

Redneck Horseshoes: Features horseshoes with toilet seats. The pins are placed 25 feet apart. If you’re within 18 inches of the pin you get one point, leaners are two points and ringers are three points. Score the most points you can within 15 minutes.

Anyone ever heard of these games? If you choose to add these fabulous games to your party festivities let us know how it goes. And send pictures – PLEASE.  But first and foremost – Have a fun filled, but safe Labor Day weekend!

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