Art of Acryl Round Toilet Seat w/ Slow Close Chromed Metal Hinges, Wood, Piano Black

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This is more than just a toilet seat it’s an innovative luxurious work of art! Topseat’s patented Art of Acryl design provides a seamless acrylic glass coating that gives this design a one of kind HIGH GLOSS finish. It adds shimmer and shine to the vivid colors produced by this beautiful high quality, high-resolution image. The top of the lid has a reversed edge (slight slope outward toward top). To add even more luxury to this seat we have added slow close chromed metal hinges, that gently and silently lower the lid and ring of the toilet seat with just a gentle touch. This toilet seat is made of a sturdy wood composition providing comfort, warmth and durability. It is hand sanded giving it an unmatchable silky smoothness. The toilet seat ring and under the lid are painted with a superior quality high gloss paint. You can immediately feel the superior quality of this seat in comparison to others. Quality so superb TOPSEAT offers an unheard of THREE YEAR WARRANTY! Please note this seat fits ROUND toilet seats 16.5 inches from the front of the bowl to the center of the mounting holes at the back of the bowl. (See diagram). The seat comes complete with mounting bolts, nuts and washers to ensure easy installation and a secure fit. Please see the installation diagram included here.


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