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Decorating Your Bathroom?

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So you’ve got this gorgeous Topseat decorative/designer toilet seat for your bathroom. Now what do you do with the rest of your bathroom? Looking for ideas? In future posts we will be offering ideas and pictures from other customers and other decorating resources. Please feel free to join in and send us your ideas and pictures. You can either post them here or send us your ideas and pictures to Who knows we might even hold a contest. In the meantime, here are a couple of Topseat toilet seats customers wrote in and told us they found matching accessories for on Amazon.  Of course there are other ways to decorate than absolute matching… Not your seat? Not to worry we have plenty more ideas to come. So stay tuned! And write in. We want to hear from you.

Dolphin Mother and Calf                                                 VIP Elongated Toilet Seat
dolphin elong smallDolphin Shower CurtainVIP Small Seat

TinyHiney Potty® – Potty Training Made Easy!

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TinyHiney Potty® – Potty training has never been easier. A convenient and attractive toilet seat with a slow close option that can be used by children and adults! Sturdy, attractive, convenient and safe. For more details check out: TinyHiney Potty®

And be sure to check out the lastest PRINCESS model for the little princess in your house. Princess TinyHiney Potty®

Princess Round Child/Adult Slow Close Toilet Seat Side By Side 0416

Princess Round Child/Adult Slow Close Toilet Seat

Blooming Lily – Tropical Sunrise – Topseat’s New Magic Motion® Slow Close Toilet Seat!

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Introducing Topseat’s new patented Magic Motion® toilet seat!

A toilet seat so innovative and artistic that it shows off motion pictures when the lid automatically closes in slow motion. Check out the Tropical Sunrise and the Blooming White Lily:  Magic Motion Toilet Seats

Inspired by our vision for innovation and driven by our passion for excellence, Topseat created Magic Motion® toilet seats adopting our patented DRIP technology. Today’s most advanced lenticular printing process, offering high resolution, depth, crisp image and a number of frames never before possible.

Magic Motion® toilet seat, another innovation from Topseat.