Topseat Appears At Times Square

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Topseat knows how to show its stuff and its seats.  Today, September 16, 2014, one of Topseat’s Realtree APG Camo toilet seats appeared at the live Times Square digital display screen.  Even the best in toilet seats finds a place at one of the most recognized locations on earth, Times Square.  Times are indeed changing.  And, to make the news even better, Topseat has partnered with one of the nation’s leading home improvement retailers, Lowes, to supply consumers with these unique 3D toilet seats.  Not just any toilet seat makes it to Times Square, so take a look below.  Click the image to see the details:


Topseat Toilet Seat At Times Square

Our advice–don’t just buy any toilet seat.  We make toilet seats that make a difference.  We also make seats that turn your bathroom into a conversation piece.  Go see for yourself the Topseat difference at your local Lowes store, or online at

In just one day Topseat appeared at both Times Square and in select nationwide Lowes stores.  Not bad for Topseat and not bad for the world of toilet seats.

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